Rock of Love Patriarchy

Rock of love was a reality show similar to the bachelor but way trashier. This is a show that would totally not fly today in after the #MEtoo movement. The show completely objectifies women. The star of the show Bret Micheal’s, the lead singer of Poison, almost exclusively speaks about how the women look. The entire time, all he spoke about was how the women could sexually please him. Also it was obvious the way that women stayed on the shower longer was by performing sexual acts on him. On the second season one of the women told him she was abstinent and she was off the show. This completely sexualizes women and makes sex into a currency. The same way Harvey Weinstien told women they could only get a role is if they had sex with him. It is a great example of how our society has changed in such a short amount of time. This show was aired and did not have any backlash from the public where today no one would dream about airing a show where an aging rock star can have his way with a bunch of young women. Pressuring them to perform sexual acts for his amusement in order to stay on a reality show. The entire thing was completely immoral. It didn’t help the fact that is faced strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars against regular girls in competitions that were most of the time demeaning and highly sexual. One example of this was a phone sex competition where the contestants had to fake orgasms over the phone to him. The entire competition was very demeaning to the women involved. Yes, the argument could be made that the women signed up to be on the show, but there is no way they could have known that they would have had to do competitions like this.

The women who were rumored to have slept with Bret stayed on the show longer. This is highly immoral essentially trading sex for more screen time. All this while the women on the show knew he was sleeping with other women on the show. There were many awkward scenes when he would be making out with one girl in front of another girl and pressure the second girl to make out with him right afterwards. The second girl was obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation but made out with him anyway because she was pressured to. There were countless encounters like this on the first two seasons. It wasn’t until the third season they only had really trashy girls on the show. The third season had almost only strippers, nude models, and porn stars on the show. Kind of evening the playing field with regards to the filthy competitions they had to partake in. These women were also encouraged to consume a lot of alcohol and to wear revealing clothing. Many of the women vomited on film due to their over consumption of alcohol.

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