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Lavender Oil Diffuser

If you’re not sure where to begin with using lavender essential oil, just use it in your yoga practice. I for one am a huge yoga lover, and that’s why I will tend to use lavender essential oil to enhance my practice. People always ask where they need to place the drops if they are using essential oils within their yoga session, but that’s what is so great about oil diffusers. They help you to nourish your senses and really get into the experience without having to worry about stains and drops on your mat. A diffuser is out of the way and can be turned off when you feel like there’s enough scent in the room. The crazy thing about essential oils is that you can really feel it building up in the room and feel the effects that they have on your mental health.


I myself know that when I use lavender essential oil I feel instantly more relaxed. Maybe that’s because of my associations with the oil but either way it works. And if it works, it works – you can’t argue with the facts. There are many people who are skeptical about the benefits of this oil but the truth is that there are many oils besides lavender essential oil that you can use in your practice if this one doesn’t speak to you.

I like to think that everyone would love some eucalyptus essential oil in their yoga practice because this is the oil that is used in many perfumes. If you don’t like it or you don’t want to get into a relaxed state through your yoga practice and are looking for something a little more invigorating why not try a minty essential oil in your diffuser or something citrusy like lemon essential oil.

Let me tell you a little more about my yoga practices before I return to lavender essential oil. I try to make time for practice at least once a day, and if that doesn’t happen then I can really tell the difference in my flexibility. People think that yoga needs to be this drawn-out process, but even just ten minutes of daily stretching can help you to see quick progress. The important thing with exercise is to do it consistently in order to see improvements. When you stretch daily, in just one week you should be able to see visible improvements in the depth of your stretch. The good thing is that the more relaxed you are the deeper you are able to stretch. Lavender essential oil helps you to relax, which means that diffusing it in your practice can genuinely improve your movement. When I use lavender essential oil while I do yoga, not only do I feel more relaxed, but I’m able to get deeper into my stretch and achieve more in each practice. That could just be my own personal experience, but you’ll have to try it for yourself to see if it works for you.

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Not Learning Weight At Doctor’s Office

Weight is only part of the equation. It can be a tool to measure certain things, sure, but more often than not, it is discouraging and not conducive to a viable nutrition plan. Many people are fat in their minds, and it is this mental obesity which is the worst culprit, and which is very instrumental in keeping people blocked and unhappy. Learning your weight at the doctor’s office can be a shock for some people, and this can lead to them not being focused, not being present. There is way too much talk about numbers, BMI, diets, and body image. It is not all there is. There are people behind those numbers, charts, and Venn diagrams, and this is something worth remembering at all times. Those with eating disorders in particular are in a fix. Awareness is a big part of true, long-lasting recovery. By being aware, knowing your weight, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and monitoring your progress – specifically outside of a doctor’s office or nurse’s station – this is the way in which you will set yourself free, as a conscientious individual rather than another patient.

You need to be pushy with your doctor. If you feel like they should be doing more than you should tell them. Unless you are really desperate I would not let them add you to any experimental studies. They can be dangerous and there is a one in three chance all you will get is sugar pills. Then after the study they might give you the drug if it was successful. The hilarious thing about these studies is that often the placebo group does better than the real medication. This is because the real medication often has a lot of side effects that can make symptoms and other bodily things worse. Then people brains tell them that the pills they are taking is going to help them.

The power of the mind is so powerful, people’s minds can change physical things in their body. I know it sounds cheesy but positive thinking can have a lot of benefits for the human body and psyche. There are several types of meditation that can absolutely change the physical makeup of your hormones and body. The immune system can be manually changed by people who have done the right types of meditation and breathing exercises. This has been proven by scientific experiments. They injected people with viruses and then had them perform certain meditation and breathing exercises and they did not have the symptoms of the virus.

So pushy doctors to do what you think they should be doing and not let them use you to check if medication works. Unless you don’t have the money for medication then it might be a good idea to be involved in a medical experiment. It is a way to get free medical care. It is a way for poor people to get some treatment for a lot of disorders.



Rock of Love Patriarchy

Rock of love was a reality show similar to the bachelor but way trashier. This is a show that would totally not fly today in after the #MEtoo movement. The show completely objectifies women. The star of the show Bret Micheal’s, the lead singer of Poison, almost exclusively speaks about how the women look. The entire time, all he spoke about was how the women could sexually please him. Also it was obvious the way that women stayed on the shower longer was by performing sexual acts on him. On the second season one of the women told him she was abstinent and she was off the show. This completely sexualizes women and makes sex into a currency. The same way Harvey Weinstien told women they could only get a role is if they had sex with him. It is a great example of how our society has changed in such a short amount of time. This show was aired and did not have any backlash from the public where today no one would dream about airing a show where an aging rock star can have his way with a bunch of young women. Pressuring them to perform sexual acts for his amusement in order to stay on a reality show. The entire thing was completely immoral. It didn’t help the fact that is faced strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars against regular girls in competitions that were most of the time demeaning and highly sexual. One example of this was a phone sex competition where the contestants had to fake orgasms over the phone to him. The entire competition was very demeaning to the women involved. Yes, the argument could be made that the women signed up to be on the show, but there is no way they could have known that they would have had to do competitions like this.

The women who were rumored to have slept with Bret stayed on the show longer. This is highly immoral essentially trading sex for more screen time. All this while the women on the show knew he was sleeping with other women on the show. There were many awkward scenes when he would be making out with one girl in front of another girl and pressure the second girl to make out with him right afterwards. The second girl was obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation but made out with him anyway because she was pressured to. There were countless encounters like this on the first two seasons. It wasn’t until the third season they only had really trashy girls on the show. The third season had almost only strippers, nude models, and porn stars on the show. Kind of evening the playing field with regards to the filthy competitions they had to partake in. These women were also encouraged to consume a lot of alcohol and to wear revealing clothing. Many of the women vomited on film due to their over consumption of alcohol.

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Healthy Dieting

Small steps are better than no steps and I am constantly trying to step it up. This means many things to many people but fuck’em this article is about me bitches. Sorry for the profanity but it touches on some mental work I have been doing lately. I grew up with low self-esteem and it plagued me for a while but I decided enough was enough and started to see a therapist that gave me some tools to help me discover my true self this has included exercise and meditation. But for both you need fuel that helps your body and that means good food!

The best food isn’t always the ones that taste the best sometimes they are vegetables that can be bitter but there is a way around it and that is with supplements. They contain all the vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables have in a neat little package. You take one or two a day and you are good to go. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and be okay health wise. You need a balanced diet in order to achieve perfection and that is what we are after always. I suggest smoothies as a viable option to give you a great tasting way of getting vitamins in your body and blood. Natural much us the best place for all of the best healthy products to help improve and enhance your already amazing healthy lifestyle.

There are many things I do differently that I have changed since the beginning and that is mainly with physical movement and activity. This has meant that I have started riding my bike. What I have found is that it gives me a new found energy that stays with me throughout the day. Along with the vitamins and supplements this is a full body experience I tell everyone to try and it doesn’t cost anything more than the initial price of the bike. That is awesome and amazing. This not only gives you an exercise which helps with moods and physical health but also saves the planet from pollution what a deal!

Deal with this punk when you go to the gym you can get big. Getting bigger attracts women and that is something we can all agree is a nice feeling. Unless you’re a homosexual in which case you will attract other dudes which is just as great. Let us all take a moment to look at what drives us and realize that what it is for is something bigger than our individual efforts. Take vitamins and make a better tomorrow a better now. Stop thinking about the future when it is not even a thing. It just isn’t. It is a concept and like all concepts they take place in your mind and you can change your mind and eat better and feel better and do better. Go out and do better than you did yesterday because yesterday definitely happened. Especially in our social media driven times everything is documented and therefore all too real and that is the essence of reality, realness. Flavor flav was the man because he had confidence that translated into success.

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Education in the US

People love saying that education is the future, and obviously there is a lot of merit to such a statement. Nevertheless, with the system looking the way it is…. It is an incomplete statements. People put a lot of stock in education, and rightly so, but that goes on to reflect on their future, and that is not necessarily the way to go.

There are many other options. Supposedly, when people say “education”, they mean knowledge and intelligence brought on by mainstream studies in an educational establishment. But are those the only means of education in this country? Heck no. Not by a long shot. First off, there are many online courses which one can take. Will it get you credit towards a degree? No. But it will gain you knowledge and intelligence. Even if it isn’t from a recognized establishment, there is some major advantage to such a system.

For those who require a degree, no. It is not good enough. But it is not as if college and university are the final word on education and success. Education can help you be successful, sure. But not all education is created equal, especially in the US. So many people and educational establishments with an agenda. And nobody knows what the future will bring. It could be that life gets in the way, and you are forced to drop out of school. The chances of you making it and being happy with your future start going down, and fast, simply because of your inability to meet with certain academic standards which others have created. Edu much is a great place to read amazing reviews on as well as learn anything, it is the leader in education.

I do agree that there should be standards in academia, and I also agree that universities should be free to accept and reject whomever they want. Good students, with good grades, should be admitted. Others can find another school. There is always another option, often locally. Is that so bad? I say no, but others will most certainly disagree.

Education is the future? To some, yes. But what about other kinds of values? Do they mean nothing, without some college’s stamp of approval? I don’t feel that way. On the other hand, many are told to “stay in school”, because it used to be the best option. Nowadays…. I don’t know. Some people will get crippling loans, attend a year or two from a four-year program, and have to leave. It is a sad state of affairs, and it happens all the time.

What are those people supposed to do? They have a huge debt, no degree, and on top of that they are probably still facing those issues which caused them to leave school in the first place. I always think of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car when I hear a story like that. It fits, you know?

So, do I have answers? Not really. But I am writing this because I read a similar article. The author of the text I read was saying that it is biblical values, family values, which will prevail. I don’t think that way. I think it is wrong to see it as one or the other. Ah, well.

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Chia Seeds

I want to raise an interesting philosophical question here: is it better for man to eat seeds for health purposes or to plant them and grow plants? It’s an interesting problem because it has a variety of angles and issues that relate to our health as a species as well as the impact that we have on our environment. I think that it’s always imperative to measure subjects like this against the current miele’ of current affairs and the general global climate we face today. First I’ll list some of the amazing health benefits that seeds can have when eaten on their own, as well as some of the various seeds that I think are most beneficial to our health. Then I’ll discuss some of the health benefits of growing plants and what they can be utilized for and how they shape and influence the environment that we’re dependent on for survival.
Firstly, there are a variety of seeds that can be eaten raw or prepared in a number of ways or added to a lot of different dishes for health benefits. Chia seeds are very popular at the moment because they’re loaded with protein and sodium so can keep your energy levels high and give you strength (which is actually what the name means in ancient Mayan). They don’t have many calories and are nutritious unlike the majority of our hydrogenated, processed, fatty, refined and sugary foods that we eat on a general basis. They have incredibly high levels of calcium, B complex vitamins, various minerals like selenium, manganese, zinc and magnesium, and antioxidants. This makes them suitable for boosting your metabolism -helping you to digest food more regularly, as well as detoxing your bloodstream.


The other seed – or nut, that I’d like to talk about are Brazil nuts and they’re some of my favorite as a matter of fact. They’re large, crunchy and incredibly tasty and go well as a snack or with meals as a side dish – even in salads. They grow in large, rough pods and – as you probably guessed, are common to the Amazon which is found in Brazil. These nuts contain roughly 163% of your daily dose of selenium which is a very important chemical for ridding your body of toxic heavy metals, promoting thyroid health by converting the harmful T4 chemical to a more active and sustainable chemical known as T3 which promotes healthy levels of cholesterol. They are chocked full of Vitamin B complex.  They also contain small amounts of other minerals such as zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, and iron. These nuts are incredibly healthy and can boost your immune system in a tasty way (Check out for your very own brand).

On the other hand, preserving plant life is incredibly important as we spend almost every day of our lives actively destroying the environment around us, whether on purpose or not. By driving our cars, we release harmful carbon monoxide gasses into the air which damage the ozone layer around the Earth’s atmosphere and is the number 1 leading death of icebergs, Seinfeld’s, polar bears penguins and other life forms not exclusive to the WWF brand which is really sad.

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