Not Learning Weight At Doctor’s Office

Weight is only part of the equation. It can be a tool to measure certain things, sure, but more often than not, it is discouraging and not conducive to a viable nutrition plan. Many people are fat in their minds, and it is this mental obesity which is the worst culprit, and which is very instrumental in keeping people blocked and unhappy. Learning your weight at the doctor’s office can be a shock for some people, and this can lead to them not being focused, not being present. There is way too much talk about numbers, BMI, diets, and body image. It is not all there is. There are people behind those numbers, charts, and Venn diagrams, and this is something worth remembering at all times. Those with eating disorders in particular are in a fix. Awareness is a big part of true, long-lasting recovery. By being aware, knowing your weight, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and monitoring your progress – specifically outside of a doctor’s office or nurse’s station – this is the way in which you will set yourself free, as a conscientious individual rather than another patient.

You need to be pushy with your doctor. If you feel like they should be doing more than you should tell them. Unless you are really desperate I would not let them add you to any experimental studies. They can be dangerous and there is a one in three chance all you will get is sugar pills. Then after the study they might give you the drug if it was successful. The hilarious thing about these studies is that often the placebo group does better than the real medication. This is because the real medication often has a lot of side effects that can make symptoms and other bodily things worse. Then people brains tell them that the pills they are taking is going to help them.

The power of the mind is so powerful, people’s minds can change physical things in their body. I know it sounds cheesy but positive thinking can have a lot of benefits for the human body and psyche. There are several types of meditation that can absolutely change the physical makeup of your hormones and body. The immune system can be manually changed by people who have done the right types of meditation and breathing exercises. This has been proven by scientific experiments. They injected people with viruses and then had them perform certain meditation and breathing exercises and they did not have the symptoms of the virus.

So pushy doctors to do what you think they should be doing and not let them use you to check if medication works. Unless you don’t have the money for medication then it might be a good idea to be involved in a medical experiment. It is a way to get free medical care. It is a way for poor people to get some treatment for a lot of disorders.