Healthy Dieting

Small steps are better than no steps and I am constantly trying to step it up. This means many things to many people but fuck’em this article is about me bitches. Sorry for the profanity but it touches on some mental work I have been doing lately. I grew up with low self-esteem and it plagued me for a while but I decided enough was enough and started to see a therapist that gave me some tools to help me discover my true self this has included exercise and meditation. But for both you need fuel that helps your body and that means good food!

The best food isn’t always the ones that taste the best sometimes they are vegetables that can be bitter but there is a way around it and that is with supplements. They contain all the vitamins and minerals that fruits and vegetables have in a neat little package. You take one or two a day and you are good to go. This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and be okay health wise. You need a balanced diet in order to achieve perfection and that is what we are after always. I suggest smoothies as a viable option to give you a great tasting way of getting vitamins in your body and blood. Natural much us the best place for all of the best healthy products to help improve and enhance your already amazing healthy lifestyle.

There are many things I do differently that I have changed since the beginning and that is mainly with physical movement and activity. This has meant that I have started riding my bike. What I have found is that it gives me a new found energy that stays with me throughout the day. Along with the vitamins and supplements this is a full body experience I tell everyone to try and it doesn’t cost anything more than the initial price of the bike. That is awesome and amazing. This not only gives you an exercise which helps with moods and physical health but also saves the planet from pollution what a deal!

Deal with this punk when you go to the gym you can get big. Getting bigger attracts women and that is something we can all agree is a nice feeling. Unless you’re a homosexual in which case you will attract other dudes which is just as great. Let us all take a moment to look at what drives us and realize that what it is for is something bigger than our individual efforts. Take vitamins and make a better tomorrow a better now. Stop thinking about the future when it is not even a thing. It just isn’t. It is a concept and like all concepts they take place in your mind and you can change your mind and eat better and feel better and do better. Go out and do better than you did yesterday because yesterday definitely happened. Especially in our social media driven times everything is documented and therefore all too real and that is the essence of reality, realness. Flavor flav was the man because he had confidence that translated into success.

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