Chia Seeds

I want to raise an interesting philosophical question here: is it better for man to eat seeds for health purposes or to plant them and grow plants? It’s an interesting problem because it has a variety of angles and issues that relate to our health as a species as well as the impact that we have on our environment. I think that it’s always imperative to measure subjects like this against the current miele’ of current affairs and the general global climate we face today. First I’ll list some of the amazing health benefits that seeds can have when eaten on their own, as well as some of the various seeds that I think are most beneficial to our health. Then I’ll discuss some of the health benefits of growing plants and what they can be utilized for and how they shape and influence the environment that we’re dependent on for survival.
Firstly, there are a variety of seeds that can be eaten raw or prepared in a number of ways or added to a lot of different dishes for health benefits. Chia seeds are very popular at the moment because they’re loaded with protein and sodium so can keep your energy levels high and give you strength (which is actually what the name means in ancient Mayan). They don’t have many calories and are nutritious unlike the majority of our hydrogenated, processed, fatty, refined and sugary foods that we eat on a general basis. They have incredibly high levels of calcium, B complex vitamins, various minerals like selenium, manganese, zinc and magnesium, and antioxidants. This makes them suitable for boosting your metabolism -helping you to digest food more regularly, as well as detoxing your bloodstream.


The other seed – or nut, that I’d like to talk about are Brazil nuts and they’re some of my favorite as a matter of fact. They’re large, crunchy and incredibly tasty and go well as a snack or with meals as a side dish – even in salads. They grow in large, rough pods and – as you probably guessed, are common to the Amazon which is found in Brazil. These nuts contain roughly 163% of your daily dose of selenium which is a very important chemical for ridding your body of toxic heavy metals, promoting thyroid health by converting the harmful T4 chemical to a more active and sustainable chemical known as T3 which promotes healthy levels of cholesterol. They are chocked full of Vitamin B complex.  They also contain small amounts of other minerals such as zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, and iron. These nuts are incredibly healthy and can boost your immune system in a tasty way (Check out for your very own brand).

On the other hand, preserving plant life is incredibly important as we spend almost every day of our lives actively destroying the environment around us, whether on purpose or not. By driving our cars, we release harmful carbon monoxide gasses into the air which damage the ozone layer around the Earth’s atmosphere and is the number 1 leading death of icebergs, Seinfeld’s, polar bears penguins and other life forms not exclusive to the WWF brand which is really sad.

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